Sunday, April 28, 2013

My Shoes

"When you give a kid a camera..."  here's what you get!  She took this adorable self-portrait of her shoes.  I love it and I knew you'd love it too.  It was a wet morning at the basic military training graduation.  We had a good time, even Siena, in spite of the spitting rain.  The trainees did great and it was fun to watch these young kids enlist for the first time.  I haven't seen that since I did it myself almost exactly 25 years  I'll share a couple shots of the ceremony but for now, I wanted to show you "my shoes" by Siena.


Saturday, April 20, 2013

God Speed Boston

Hey Bebe,

As you know, I spent the past 48-ish hours in Boston, during their very tumultuous time, and it was a different city from the last visits.  The police presence was thick and the streets were empty.  I took a water taxi from my hotel over to Quincy Market and found myself tempted to buy one of these hats, but then I felt a little silly because although I have come to love this city, she doesn't belong to me.  I feel like when you wear one of these hats you should have some roots in Boston (since I have neither Italian nor Irish blood, I guess I don't).  

After the market, I walked my favorite section of the North End, Hannover Street.  I stopped in St. Mary's of the Sacred Heart and said a prayer for the city and her people.  I inhaled the heady scent of garlic in the streets and stopped for a pizza pie and a tall glass (ok, 2 tall glasses) of Chianti in a local joint.  The normally crowded streets were nearly empty.  There was the standard pack of hungry customers waiting outside Giacomo's and Mike's Pastry (yes, I bought a ridiculously indulgent lemoncello cannoli) but it wasn't the scene I experienced in the past.  

Like any American city, Boston is resilient, proud and strong.  Once they bury their lost, heal their wounded and open the streets again, Boston will be back to herself again.  Until then, I wish Boston God Speed as the healing begins.

I love you,

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Blue Bonnets

Hey Sweets,

We are enjoying Texas in the Spring as the blue bonnets are in full bloom.  As you can see, our new puppy is having fun running in them.  As I took this shot, Siena was busy playing on the playground (about 100 yards away) with Sophia for 2 hours of non-stop movement!  They had a blast too.  I know you are missing the green over there so I hope this makes you smile.

I love you and I miss you,

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Roller Skates

These are the things of childhood memories.  I always wanted skates like these when I was a little girl.  I coveted the white skates on the girls at the roller rink, even though I was a really crappy skater.  It gave me so much joy to watch her face as she opened the box and squealed with excitement!  I know it would have tickled you to watch our little giraffe racing around the neighborhood.  

I love you and I miss you,

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Cracked Egg

Hi Bebe,
We went to Zilker Botanical Gardens today for a Garden Festival...and although it's strange that the only good image I have is that of a tiny cracked egg, it somehow feels appropriate.  Both Siena and are feeling a little maudlin today over missing you.  Although we had a lovely time at the fest with Susan and Sophia, as we were leaving I felt a pang of sadness hit me as I drove through acres of families picnicking, throwing frisbees, walking dogs and flying kites together.  It was like a bloody Halmark commercial, seriously.  Like those families were all staged for effect and we were driving through some set.  We drove your car today (since the stupid truck is dead) and whenever we are in it, we play your music and miss you more.  Oh, so Siena's new favorite song is "Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons.  It's pretty funny to turn around and watch her head banging to the chorus.  She always asks me to play it louder and I do because it fills that emptiness in me too.  Replaces the sadness with a little edge instead. I guess our family feels a bit like this tiny egg right now, we are growing and all settling in different nests for now but something still remains back home, in our hearts, in our shell.

I love you and miss you.  She cried for you tonight before she fell asleep.  I just want you to know that although she's a weirdo on the phone and would rather stare at herself and make faces, she loves you deeply and feels so lucky to have such an amazing dad.