Wednesday, May 29, 2013

72 Hour Pass

72 Hours

It's never enough
still, the time is so perfect
love, joy fills this room

breathing is hard now
my heart is heavy, I'm sad
you are gone again


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Daddy's Shirt

This is her morning routine...turn on cartoons and plop down on the couch in what she slept in, which is usually "Daddy's Shirt."  She has no preference, it can be any of your long as it's yours.  She is wearing this one (your Patagonia shirt) backwards because she said yesterday was "backwards day" but I am sure it's because there wasn't a design on the front...only on the back.  I know you will always smile when you look back and see her tiny frame snuggled inside your t-shirt.  It makes her feel closer to you...I slept in one of your shirts last night too.  :)

I love you,

Friday, May 3, 2013


As you know, last week, Siena and I went to a Basic Military Training Graduation ceremony, I wanted to share a few of my photos from the event.  It was very impressive, mostly because they do this every single week and these instructors are only given 8 short weeks to take a young Gen-Y? and turn them into an Airman.  That's pretty impressive when you think about it, eh?  I know that I had NO clue when I was 18 years old in training, all I remember is crying a LOT, eating a LOT of junk food on breaks (thanks Mom for those amazing care packages), calling home every chance I got and being one of the few who could actually march (thanks to my nerdy marching band days).  I also remember loving the obstacle course (which I still love next Spartan Sprint is in 2 weeks).  

Something that I loved about this day was watching the families reunite after the ceremony ended.  The Airmen were put at Parade Rest and had to stand there until their family/friend tapped them on the shoulder.  It was difficult to watch some of those kids standing there waiting (for what seemed like forever) while everyone around them was embracing their loved ones.  You know me...I couldn't resist tapping a few shoulders and telling them to relax...they didn't.  This last shot is of a girl whose shoulder I tapped and she told me "I'm waiting for my Momma" and just then, her mom came up and embraced her, as you see here and I just smiled for both of them.  I knew how proud her mom was of her baby girl and I knew how proud that girl was of herself in that moment.  Both my inner child and my current motherly state were equally moved and inspired.  Life is good.  

I love you,